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Hey you!

I'm Crystal Bohn, an experienced educator and instructional designer with freshly minted UX know-how. I'm passionate about designing engaging learning experiences and research-backed decision-making. I'm a big-picture thinker, who enjoys learning new things and collaborating with others.

I create.

I've always maintained a creative outlet - from dancing as a child, to cooking and gardening in my personal life, and developing engaging, meaningful content and learning resources in my professional life. I thrive on challenge and knowing that the job is done well. I love designing content for in-person, hybrid and e-learning that is both beautifully designed and accessible. I appreciate the creative process of design thinking and agile design.

I collaborate.

I am inspired and motivated by the people and experiences around me. Whether it's on the ski hill, in a conference room, or on the sidelines of a rugby pitch, I find joy contagious and love opportunities to work with and lead others. I believe that part of being a leader is not to have all the answers, but to instil confidence and nurture a positive culture. On a team, I am often the cheerleader, project manager, or the gal who gets things done! 

I learn.

 "When you know better, you do better." ~ Maya Angelou


I've always looked for ways to challenge and improve myself whether training for road races, obtaining my masters degree, learning how to tile, reading blogs, or most recently, completing certification in UX Design. I'm a lifelong learner and am bored by complacency. I'm currently curious about gamification and AI.

“I am so grateful to have met you and to have had the opportunity to work together. Your commitment, energy and productivity is inspiring."

Dr. Malika Ladha, MD

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Get in touch.

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